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WK 8: Charts of Darkness
Hung Up
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image of Dean TsouvalasGet rich with the FML Insider: Hang with the virtual Dirty Harry; learn why Christmas comes early; discover which FML artist ties with Elvis for most top 10 singles ever and why platinum kisses secure your win.

Virtual Life
The cartoon, fictional, rock, Brit-pop, hip-hop, rap group, Gorillaz brought in the most revenue thanks to their $3.4 million platinum bonus for labels who appreciate virtual bands. Gorillaz made a Guinness World Record for being the Most Successful Virtual Band, and have some serious juice on the FML. In fact, Gorillaz bring in over $1 million bucks more than any other real-life music star in the league thanks to their latest eTrack single, 'Dirty Harry'. Since their first album "Tomorrow Comes Today," there have been waves of rumors and controversy surrounding who is actually behind Gorillaz. They even were the focus behind a half-hour TV mockumentary titled Charts of Darkness. Expect even more from these mysterious 'South Park meets Green Day' characters because Gorillaz have grandiose plans for a world tour in 2007-2008 which would include the band members being holograms on stage.

Blonde Power
This week the FML awarded $42,980,000 in platinum bonus revenue to 31 artists who have remained on the charts for the past 8 weeks. Some labels are flush thanks to top earners (the above mentioned Gorillaz,) Kanye West, Green Day, Weezer, Mariah Carey, Kelly Clarkson and Fall Out Boy. These top performing artists each delivered over $2 million in additional revenue for their labels thanks to their Platinum bonuses.

Confessions from the Dance Floor
'Who's that girl' that matches Elvis Presley's total for top-10 hits -- 36, the most for any artist in the rock era? All hail the queen of the dance floor - Madonna Louise Ciccone. Madonna hit the top of the eTracks with her latest dance hit, Hung Up. Madonna racked up that count of top 10 hits in about 21 and half years, starting with Borderline. Meanwhile, Presley scored his 36 top 10 hits in 16 and half years, from 1956 with Heartbreak Hotel until 1972 with Burning Love. Labels smart enough to cherish Madonna saw 550 percent in increased revenue.

Early Bird Christmas
We have some magnificent news that will surpass any shopping deal you may have found on 'Black Friday.' Next season the cost to play in the Fantasy Music League is $10. In addition to the new price point, the Commissioner has revealed a new list of prizes for the top twenty, yes twenty players. Recently, you may recall, the FML Commissioner send out an email survey regarding prizes and due to an overwhelming response, he adjusted the awards.

Cornucopia of Prizes
Grand Prize: Video iPod
Second Place Prize: iPod Shuffle and $30 iTunes
Third Place Prize: Griffin iPod Accessories
Fourth Place: Griffin iPod Accessories
Fifth Place Prize: Griffin iPod Accessories
Sixth Place Prize: $30 iTunes
Seventh Place Prize: $30 iTunes
Eight Place Prize: $30 iTunes
Nine Place Prize: $30 iTunes
Tenth Place Prize: $30 iTunes
Eleventh - Twentieth Place Prize: $15 iTunes

Short Season
FYI, our Fall Season comes to a close December 16th, which is week 11. Weeks 12 and 13 will be the 2005 Net Music Countdown eTrack Top 40 Countdown.

Dean Tsouvalas is the current writer of the Lycos 50 - the most popular people, places and things users are searching for online and Lycos Director of Content. Tsouvalas is a former ABC News Television producer of Prime Time Live and 20/20. Write Dean, at