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How the Referral Program Works
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How the Referral Program works
When you're a registered player, you can earn cash (and soon, cool stuff) for inviting your friends to play the Fantasy Music League.

You earn two ways: by referring people, and when your referrals, in turn, refer people. The only requirement is that you and your referrals register a label to play in the Open League. The people you refer are called direct referrals and the people that your direct referrals then refer are called indirect referrals.
  • Each direct referral earns you 200 points
  • Each indirect referral earns you 100 points
  • You earn $25 for each 2,500 points accrued
Once you register, for each direct referral, who creates an Open League label, you'll earn 200 points. In addition, you'll earn 100 points for each indirect referral, who creates an Open League label. Once you've earned 2,500 points, we pay you cash at the end of the season. If you haven't earned 2,500 points at the end of the season, it's OK - you keep your accrued points so long as you have a registered label. Eventually, when you accrue 2,500 points, you'll get your referral payment at the end of that season. If at the beginning of a season you have not registered an Open League label you will not accrue any points for the season.

NO SPAM ALLOWED. This program is intended for inviting your friends and family into the Fantasy Music League. If you have a website you may publish the FML Logo and use your referral link to refer visitors from your site to the FML. You may not send out unsolicited emails, unsolicited instant messages, unsolicited blog postings, or other inappropriate advertisements using your referral ID. If we receive evidence that you have spammed to generate referrals, you will be removed from the FML, and all labels you have registered will be eliminated from League play, and all referral points you've accumulated will be lost.

Your referral stats will appear here after you login and have a registered label for the next season.