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The Fantasy Music League is all about making your label productive and profitable, all of which are designed to mimic real-world scenarios with real labels and the superstar entertainers that make the big bucks. All earnings are accumulative - you get all the base revenue and ALL bonuses that you qualify for. Here are the different ways your artists can make you money:

Chart Position

Each week, your artist's position on the Net Music Countdown eTracks charts will determine their base revenue for the week. Here's the rundown of what your artist will earn for your label:

#20: $100,000
#19: $200,000
#18: $300,000
#17: $400,000
#16: $500,000
#15: $600,000
#14: $700,000
#13: $800,000
#12: $900,000
#11: $1,000,000
#10: $1,100,000
#9: $1,200,000
#8: $1,300,000
#7: $1,400,000
#6: $1,500,000
#5: $1,600,000
#4: $1,700,000
#3: $1,800,000
#2: $1,900,000
#1: $2,000,000

But there's lots of other ways your artists earn revenue...