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Spamming is the practice of sending unsolicited messages to individuals or to a mass audience to attempt to get the recipients of such messages to engage in some activity. We specifically encourage players to let their friends, family, website visitors, newsletter subscribers, business partners and others in their immediate sphere of influence know about the Fantasy Music League. We don't mind if players take out legitimate online ads, such as Google AdSense ads, that encourage people to play in the Fantasy Music League. But we do not allow FML players to send out mass email, use blog and comment spamming tools or troll newsgroups. We know spam when we see it, and we'll strike you down if you do it.

If you spam people with FML related material through email, blogspam, comment spam or any other current or future form of unsolicited communication, you will be removed from the FML, and all labels you have registered will be eliminated from League play, and all referral points you've accumulated will be lost.

The FML Commissioner does not condone spamming, and will swiftly deliver any penalties to any player it deems to have spammed. If you believe that you've been spammed by an FML player, please forward the email you received, with headers intact, to We will investigate all such complaints.

Bottom line: if you're an FML player, don't spam.